Who we are & where we are going!

Me & my fiancé Pete have both recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth, England. Before accepting that we are both now adults and settle down with the norm of everyday life, we have decided to travel apart of the world that we have both always wanted to visit….Australia! 

From November 2016 to February 2017 we will be exploring as much of what this great country has to offer. Starting in Adelaide we will rent a car to self drive our way along part of the south coast and the whole of the east coast, stopping at iconic and not so iconic places to get a holistic feel of what it is like to live here in the land down under. I will be blogging at the end of every day and posting at the end of every major destination in a form of diary so we never forget a day or anything we have experienced or learnt.  So come traveling with us, I hope you enjoy the journey!