Noosa & The Sunshine Coast – GLD

10th January 2017

Today we drove 130km to the outskirts of Noosa. Noosa is located in the Sunshine Coast region of south eastern Queensland. Noosa has no high rise buildings as locals don’t want to ruin the land or over crowd with tourism. 

We are currently staying at the Noosa Hinterland Retreat which has beautiful  views over the local hinterland. It’s actually a massive house and we have the the ground floor studio. It has a very homely, relaxing and spiritual ambience. The retreat has its own chooks (chickens) who freely walk around the grounds which provide us with fresh eggs daily.


11th January 2017

This morning we headed to Eumundi for their famous markets. The whole place was packed with hundreds of stalls and so many people! We were too hot so ended up in a cafe in the quirky town of Eumundi. 

This afternoon we went to Noosa Heads to Main beach where we took the boardwalk into the Noosa National Park. We followed a trail which went between the coast and the park to try and spot wild Koalas! (I wasn’t too hopeful)

View from the walking trail – Noosa National Park

We walked until we reached Dolphin Point and started to turn back. We were really lucky to see two wild Koalas on our way and it’s the first wild ones we’ve seen! 

12th January 2017

Today we ventured to Noosa Marina to look around the little nautical shops and galleries. Our next stop was at Noosaville for some lunch and a dip in the Noosa River. Noosaville was beautiful, one of my favourite places we’ve been to. The water was so warm (and extremely salty) that you could walk in without a shudder! 

The river was full of water sports from paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis and BBQ pontoons! I would definitely come here a lot if I was a local!

We then moved on to Sunshine Beach which is an open ocean beach. You could hear the waves crashing as soon as you stepped out the car. It was again very picturesque with golden sands but a lot rougher than the river earlier. 

Unfortunately Pete was stung by a Bluebottle Jellyfish on both of his arms! I was genuinely quite scared at first but he said he felt no pain and none of the tentacles were left on! We spoke to the Aussie life guard who just said “You’ve been stung by a jelly mate, just put a cold beer on it!” 

It’s started to heal now so that was a relief! It’s only been a short stop to this beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast but we have really enjoyed everything Noosa has to offer. 


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