Surfers Paradise & The Gold Coast – GLD

21st December 2016: 

Today we travelled 70km to the golden coast of Surfers paradise. Surfers is a seaside resort on Queenslands Gold Coast . It’s best known for its high-rise skyline and long golden beach. The Gold Coast is also famed for its surfing spots, theme parks and rainforests. 

We are currently staying in an apartment at the Freshwater Point Resort. It’s so nice to be able to cook again! After settling in we headed to the grand shopping mall called Pacific Fair to fill the apartment with food and Christmas decorations to make it feel abit more homely! 

22nd December 2016: 

Today we wanted to get to know Surfers better. We took a trip up to the Skypoint observation deck located 230 metres above ground at the top of the Q1 building. Here you can see 360 views of the whole of the Surfers Paradise and a lot of the Gold Coast. 

23rd December 2016: 

Today we went to Seaworld. I was so excited as I’ve only ever been to the one in Orlando and wanted to see how similar they were. It did not disappoint, full of shows, rides and its own monorail. Our favourite ride was called Storm which is a high speed rollercoaster which finishes in the water getting you absolutely soaked. We also got to see the Palazzo Versace where the celebs stay after they’ve been on I’m a celeb which is located right next to Seaworld. 

24th December 2016: Christmas Eve

Today was one of the best days we’ve had so far. We visited the Warner Bros Movie World also known as ‘Hollywood on the Gold Coast’. The park is largely based on WB looney toons and DC Comics with a small part based on Harry Potter and other WB hits.  The moment you enter the park you’re hit with Hollywood themed music, themed shops and towering thrill rides! I couldn’t wait to experience it all. Our first ride was on the Wild West Falls which was probably a mistake getting wet straight away but we still loved it. There were hardly any queues all day and we even got chosen for the dance cam on the stunt show screen! We loved WB and we will definitely be going back. Best Christmas Eve ever! 

25th December 2016: Christmas Day

It’s Christmas!! Not going to lie it was very strange waking up on Christmas Day in Australia. Unfortunately the day began with rain and thunder! We started the day opening our stockings, all of our Christmas cards and gifts to each other. Then we headed out for a little bit to Surfers Paradise where the beach was packed and loads of people where in the sea, even in the rain! Aussies are crazy. We spent the afternoon eating and playing games, definitely a Christmas we will never forget but nothing beats an English family Christmas. 

26th December 2016: 

As we loved it so much, today we went back to Warner Bros Movie World. Today was a lot busier!! Our first ride of the day was on the Batman themed: Arkham Asylum. You can choose whether you go in the rollercoaster as normal or have the virtual reality experience which was horrible!!!! It involved a 360 VR experience where the technology syncs with the movement of the coaster for a multi-dimensional journey. I much preferred the coaster by itself as you couldn’t tell when you were about to do a corkscrew or a loop with the VR on so your head was flapping around a lot!

27th December 2016: 

Today we drove back in to the hinterland to Springbrook National Park which is a world heritage site, home to a sub-tropical rainforest and beautiful waterfalls. 

Our first stop was to the Natural Bridge which is known as the jewel in the Gold Coast Hinterland Crown. It’s a cave formation that is home to a waterfall, glow worms and a colony of tiny bent-wing bats.

We ventured on further to Purling Brook Falls which is a horsetail waterfall at 348ft tall.

Our final stop was to the ‘Best of all’ look out which was stunning. Here you can see the mountain range which is also the border between New South Wales and Queensland. It’s the closest point we could get to where I’m a celebrity is filmed near Murwillumbah.

28th December 2016:

We started the day at Wet ‘N’ Wild, Gold Coast. So much better than the one in Orlando! Filled with lazy rivers, beaches, tube rides, steep slides and even it’s own surfboard rollercoaster which was amazing! It was very weird doing a rollercoaster in your swimming costumes though! This is actually the water park which features in The Inbetweeners 2 film which they rename ‘Splash Planet’. Pete was brave enough to try the Aqua Loop which involves you walking in to a locked tube, anxiously waiting before the trap floor is released and you freefall 40ft before going in to a full loop with speeds up to 60km/h. So yeah, that’s why I didn’t try that one! Unfortunately I didn’t take my phone because I didn’t want it to get wet or loose it so we haven’t got any photos but here’s a link to the ride:

This evening we went to the local ‘Event’ cinema to see the animated film ‘Sing’ which was kind of silly but quite amusing. After we visited the HardRock Cafe Surfers Paradise. This one was so much better than the one in Sydney which was quite surprising! It was more themed and the food was a lot better.  

29th December 2016: 

I think we were extremely tired out from the previous week so today we didn’t do a lot just relaxed and hung out at the apartment and pool. 

30th December 2016:

Today we visited DreamWorld which is partly based on the film company Dreamworks including themed rides of Madagascar, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. The park was extremely quiet due to the accident that happened in October 2016. Its Australia’s largest theme park, with its own water park Whitewater World next door, and is made up of five lands. 

Our favourite ride of the day was the Buzz Saw Rollercoaster. It is a Skyloop rollercoaster and it has the tallest inversion in the Southern Hemisphere and the second tallest in the world. This evening we chilled out with a BBQ and then headed to the cinema to see the drama/thriller Allied.

31st December 2016:

Today we visited Harbourside Outlet Mall for an excuse to do some shopping and shop we did! We had quite a lazy day and ended the year watching the fire works at Jupiters Garden. 

1st January 2017:

Today we chilled out with a stroll to our local beach Broadbeach, Pete took a dip in the sea and then we headed to the Pacific Fair shopping centre. This evening we ate dinner at Zen which is an upscale Cantonese restaurant at Jupiters resort and casino. The food was beautiful, probably my favourite since arriving in Australia. After we had a short go at the casino we ended up winning but not a lot because we didn’t want to loose anything we had won! I don’t think we’re very good at gambling! 

2nd January 2017: 

Today was absolutely boiling!!!! As it is our last full day in Surfers today we headed back to WB for the last time. We started with the Superman Escape ride which is both of our favourites, so it would have been rude not to have bought our ride photo! Superman launches you to 130ft reaching 100km/h in just 2 seconds. It is insane but that’s what makes it so good. You start in the Metropolis subway station and are warned of tremors in the area until gas mains burst and walls begin to collapse. But Superman is there to save the day who pushes you out… “Fast. Superman Fast!” 

I think we’ve found the Orlando of Australia! I have fallen in love with the Gold Coast and although we’re moving on to Brissy, I am sad to be leaving! I’ve put together a little video of our favourite times here! But for now as Bugs would say…. ‘That’s all folks!’ 



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