Lamington National Park – GLD, The Sunshine State 

17th December 2016 – Max Temp: 27°C

Today we travelled in to the Australian hinterland to the beautiful green mountains in Lamington National Park, Queensland.  Lamington is a world heritage site with Australia’s largest preserve of sub tropical rainforest. Here you can find the most amount of birds, snakes, frogs and marispuals in one area in the whole of Australia. (It is also located next to Springbrook National Park where they film I’m a celebrity every year.)

We are now in the state of Queensland until February! QLD is the second largest state in Aussie. (Seven times larger than Great Britain!) It averages 261 days of the year full of sunshine hence it’s nickname! 

We are currently staying at O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat which has beautiful views of the surrounding rainforests and mountains. It has a very alpine feel to it and is very Christmassy at the moment!

The view from our room!
We visited the retreats theatre which shows ‘Miracle of the Mountain’ a 50 minute video of how Bernard O’Reilly came to save passengers of a crashed Stinson aeroplane in 1937 on the mountain where we are. The model from the 1987 Hollywood film adaptation called ‘Riddle of the Stinson’ takes pride of place at the retreat as a sign of remembrance. 

18th December 2016 – Max Temp: 28°C

This morning we took a small trek into the rainforest to Micks Tower. It was pretty scary as there wasn’t much of a path just a small track which lead deep into the forest. We were really lucky to find some wallabies just wondering around. It was really nice to see them in their natural habitat.

We took part in the Tree Top walk which is raised above the ground and reminds me of when the people walk across the bridges in I’m a celebrity. 

This afternoon we booked to eat a Sunday a Roast at the retreats dining room. We were both quite excited as we haven’t had a good English Roast since leaving Petes. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t call this dinner a roast. I think they could do with a trip to England! After, we relaxed in the retreats spa. It was quite surreal being in a hot tub at the top of a mountain but I’m sure I could get used to it! We were meant to have a campfire this evening but as its so windy and thundery tonight it’s been cancelled so we’re hoping for another chance on Tuesday. 

If you look to the left you will be able to see our room. 

19th December 2016 – Max Temp:29°C

We had a very chilled out day today just exploring the retreat and feeding the birds. The Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots have been a highlight of our stay here and you can freely feed or hold them! Here are a few of our favourites from our stay: 

This evening we sat back and watched the beautiful sunset over the mountains from our balcony. 

20th December 2016 – Max Temp:28°C

We started the day on a four wheeled drive through the rainforest to a place where the Flying Fox (Forest Zipline) is located. Once we were all kitted out and looking rather funny we started our climb up the mountain to the start of the zipline. 

I was so scared whereas Pete was the complete opposite and raring to go! There where quite a few rules to make sure your decent ran smoothly. These completely went out of my mind when I started my run down the ramp. 


I didn’t like going backwards at first but before I knew it I was at the end and safely on the ground. After a few goes Pete started to go down upside down! 

This afternoon we watched the ‘Birds of Prey Flight Show’at the retreat. We were introduced to owls, kites, falcons and eagles. My favourite was the snowy barn owl named Star and I even had the chance to hold it. Petes favourite was the barking owl which get its name after sounding like dog barking! 

The most impressive of the birds was probably the Eagle partly because of the size of its wing span and how close it flew over our heads. 

It’s been nice to relax and get away from everything for a few days but I think we’re both ready to get back to the cities! Bring on the Gold Coast!!


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