Sydney – NSW, The Premier State 

[Part 1]

G’day, we have reached the big one…Sydney, capitol city of New South Wales! I’m genuinely so excited to be here, I’ve dreamt of coming here most of my life but never thought I would actually get the opportunity! 
From the moment you step out you realise that Sydney is in a class of its own. Blown away by the dazzling lights, city noises, towering skyscrapers and iconic landmarks. I’m so excited to get out and explore this very famous city. Because there is simply so much to see and do in Sydney I’m going to have to split the diary into two blogs! 

Evening of 30th November 2016

​Tonight we made our way in to Darling Harbour for the first time and it was breathtaking. (& it’s only a 2 min walk!) All of the lights and towering buildings are so beautiful and we immediately fell in love with it.

We decided to dine at an Italian right on the waterfront called Baia, which has amazing views of the harbour. It was a really nice way to settle in to the spirit of Sydney! 

1st December 2016 – Max Temp: 30°C

This morning we headed to Pancakes on the Rocks for some breaky. We both shared a long stack of buttermilk pancakes drenched in maple syrup & cream and a Swiss chocolate shake! (Not the healthiest breakfast but so worth it!) 

We took a stroll along the shops at Darling harbour, Cockle Bay Wharf and King St Wharf. It was nice to see that the harbour is just as outstanding in the day as well as the night! We were suprised about how many jellyfish we could see in the harbour though, seriously do not want to fall in! 

This afternoon we took a dip in the pool (which was freezing at first) but it was a nice way of cooling down after being in the sun all morning!

2nd December 2016 – Max Temp: 36°C

Today we took the train (Tripple Decker!) to Circular Key and boarded the 3o minute ferry to Manly Wharf. Manly is a beach – side suburb of northern Sydney. I wanted to visit Manly partly because this is where my Mum and Nan used to live due to my Grandpa being relocated in the Navy. This was our first proper opportunity to look at the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Which I can’t wait to climb)  and the Opera House which was really surreal and exciting!

We made our way past the little shops to the beautiful Manly Beach where we sat and had fish and chips whilst watching the surfers! It was absolutely boiling today as Sydney is currently experiencing a heatwave with temps in the high thirties, So Pete took his first swim in the sea which did look very inviting! It definitely has a different feel here than being right in the city, a much more laid back atmosphere. 


Tonight we went and saw the Disney musical Aladdin at Capitol Theatre! This is our first musical we’ve seen together so was nice to get all dressed up. We both really enjoyed the show and bought ourselves our own little Lamp to remember it by! 

3rd December 2016 – Max Temp: 25°C

Today we took a train to the impressive rocks market where we bought our first lot of souvenirs and gifts. Our favourite part was the ‘Christmas Never Ends’ stall where we deliberately went to see the Kangeroo Nativity which was really funny but way too expensive! After, we stopped for Wagyu Burgers and beers at Searocks Grill in Circular Key, with a view of the Harbour bridge. (Which would have been perfect without the seagulls diving for our food!) We then visited The Sydney Opera House where we got to go inside and freely explore but unfortunately a show was about to begin so we couldn’t go in to the theatre! So we might be popping back here at some point to get a better look! 

The Sydney Opera House opened in 1973 and is one of the most famous and distinctive buildings in the world. It is 213ft tall and includes a concert hall, drama theatre and studios. Although its name suggests that it is just one venue it actually hosts multiple performances venues which are among the busiest performing art centres in the world. It hosts around 1,500 performances annually which are attended by more than 1.2 million people!

This evening we took at boat from outside our hotel to the famous Luna Park, which has been a popular entertainment venue since 1935!! Luna is located right at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and has lots of old fashioned fair ground rides such as the Ferris wheel and dodgems but I just wanted to go and see if it had mordenised at all, which it hadn’t!  Pete had a go at winning a prize in one of the game stalls but came out with the worst prize… a set of fluffy dice! Not really sure what I thought of Luna Park but I definitely think it is in need of a re-vamp! 

4th December 2016 – Max Temp: 28°C

We had a chilled morning today, we went in to Sydney CBD to see the Westfield Shopping Centre and Oxford Street shops. We ended up getting lost in Westfield genuinely the most confusing place! We only left with some Lindt chocolates for Christmas and a Sydney souvenir from Pandora! 

This evening we went to one of my favourite ever places.. The Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney, which is located in Darling Harbour! After some steak and beer we went to the Rockshop to buy our traditional Hard Rock T-Shirts! We then went out onto the Harbour where a street performer was just starting his show. He used fire in his act and even swallowed it which was actually quite good. We then went on the Darling Harbour Ferris Wheel which gave us great views of the Harbour at night time and finished off the night with a stop for some Swiss ice cream which was delicious! One of my favourite nights by far.

5th December 2016 – Max Temp: 32°C

Today was all about the bush! We took a two hour trip out the city to a small village called Katoomba, where we used a hop on / hop off trolley tour to take us around the Blue Moutnains! ​​our first stop was to a village called Leure where we had lunch and found a really nice old fashioned sweet shop. Next we headed to Leure Cascades where you followed the waterfall down the cliffs to the cave at the bottom. It was really pretty here but I couldn’t quite relax knowing there were spiders about. The cave was really nice and cool which was refreshing after the walk down and we met some pretty funny tourists down the bottom who were really friendly but crazy!  

Round the corner we found a beautiful look out over The Blue Mountains National Park. 

Next we headed to the world famous Three Sisters which are a major feature in the Mountains. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Even though it started to thunder it was still a boiling hot day. 

Our final stop was to Scenic World which is located on the cliffsedge of the Blue Mountains. Here you ride a sky rail 271ft over the valley, past Katoomba Falls and over crazy amounts of bush land. We stood on the middle on the skyway where the floor goes clear half way on the ride and you are standing on glass looking down at the amazing scenery. 

Arriving at Scenic world we took the Scenic Railway down to the bottom of the valley. It has a 206 metre vertical drop and the train is angled at 52 degrees making it the steepest railway in the world. It genuinely felt as if you were about to go on a rollercoaster! This track was used in the past to get coal from the mines to the top of the mountain by miners. We were able to see into the caves where a little fire glows and coal is placed as a remembrance of its past roots. 

We then took the Scenic boardwalk across to the cable way where we made our way up to the top of the mountain back to Scenic World. It was like a theme park for nature and has impressive views wherever you look. Unfortunately the only wildlife I saw was spiders so I’m still looking for wild kangeroos and Koalas! After being out and about for over 12 hours we finally reached our hotel. It’s a long trip to the Blue Mountains but it is so worth it.  Only half way through our time here in Sydney, NSW, but I already don’t want to leave! 
Sydney Blog To Be Continued…. 


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