Great Ocean Road –  VIC, The Education State 

21st November 2016 – Max Temp: 14°C

Today we went on our first road trip! We are currently making our way to Melbourne, but instead of cutting across the country we are taking the coastal scenic route via the famous Great Ocean Road, which we will drive on tomorrow! After travelling 620km across the South Australian state border to Victoria, we have finally arrived in the coastal town of Warrnambool. Along the way we past beautiful country side, small towns and Victorian vineyards including the Lindemans vineyard. 

Victoria is a state in the south-east of Australia with Melbourne as its capital city. It is the second most populated state in the country even though it is the smallest in area. Prior to English settlement in 1803 the area now known as Victoria was inhabitaed by aboriginal people and known to them as Koori. Today it is also nicknamed The Education State, The Garden State or simply The place to be! 

Victoria Border

22nd November 2016 -Max Temp: 16°C

We started the day (in a very English way) with some freshly cooked scones at the waterfront Pavillion Cafe in Warrnambool before setting off on the second part of our journey. In total we travelled 270km from Warrnambool to Melbourne via the beautiful Great Ocean Road.  The Great Ocean Road stretches 243km long and is a coastal sanctuary of contrasting natural beauty where the forest hinterland meets the ocean. The road is one of the most spectacular tourist drives in the world and remains as one of Australia’s top tourist destinations after The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and Ayers Rock (Uluru) in Northern Territory. The road was hand built by returned First World War soldiers in honour of their fallen comrades and officially opened in 1932, it is now the worlds biggest war memorial. During the drive Pete used the GoPro to create a time lapse video of a 10km stretch of The Great Ocean Road between Apollo Bay and Lorne, which you should be able to view below:

Our first stop on the drive was to see The Twelve Apostles from a viewing platform in Port Campbell National Park. The Tweleve Apostles are giant rocks which soar from the Southern Ocean which date back to millions of years ago! They also provide a habitat for some of the most unique and diverse marine life in the world such as, Rock lobsters, sea spiders, sea-stars and even penguins. There were so many scenic, iconic and historical places to stop on The Great Ocean Road that we simply could not stop at them all, although we did have time to sight see the natural ‘London Bridge’ which made us think of home! 

The Twelve Apostles
London Bridge

Our second stop was to a small Otway town, called Lorne, on the Surf Coast for some lunch. Although it’s set in Great Otway National Park, Lorne still has the dramatic scenery of the the Great Ocean Road and has lots of pretty Sulphur-crested cockatoos walking around! We were shocked to see them freely walking around as they were bigger and more exotic than most of the birds we see everyday in England! After lunch we carried on our long journey to Melbourne and finally arrived just in time for rush hour! Not our best planning considering we didn’t know where on earth we were going, but we got here safe and sound and we are now looking forward to the week ahead in Victoria’s Capitol!


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